Arc Fault Breakers: Why You Absolutely Need Them

Arc Fault Breakers: Why You Absolutely Need Them

Most people will do everything they can think of to protect their home and family- smoke detectors, burglar alarms and even sprinkler systems, but what about one of the leading causes of the home fire? Arc faults cause more than forty thousand fires every year leading to extensive property loss, injuries and even death. Every electrician in your area will help you upgrade to regular circuit breakers but those are only good in specific situations, not with the arc faults. For the fullest protection of everything that you hold dear, you will need to have arc fault breakers installed.


Electrical companies have been installing the arc fault breakers in certain rooms of homes since the code requiring their use was first written in 1999. At that time, the code called for these special breakers in all areas that were designated for sleeping but the codes have changed. As of 2014 an arc fault circuit breaker must be installed for every room of the house. This will provide the maximum amount of protection against some electrical fires and will hopefully reduce the loss of life and property as well.


An electrician in your area can explain the difference between the normal circuit breakers that you probably have installed and these arc fault breakers. The main difference is in the type of protection they offer. A regular circuit breaker trips if there is an overload or a short in the system but does not react if there is an unintended arc. An arc fault breaker not only trips as soon as one of these arcs is detected but can actually tell the difference between the “good” arc (like when a switch is turned off and on or something is unplugged) and a bad arc, and will act appropriately.


Father and Son Electric Service Co.,  is one of the top, reliable electrical companies in the area and is pleased to offer installation of arc fault breakers in your home so that you can have the peace of mind that your family is safe and so that you will know that you are completely up to the latest codes for your home. Do not wait- call and schedule your service today and protect your greatest assets and your biggest investment. Our company has been proudly serving communities in North and South Carolina for over thirty years. We want to provide all of your electrical needs as well.

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