Current Lighting Trends

Current Lighting Trends

Lighting is not just about getting rid of the darkness. It is not always just about safety or even just about necessity. Our lighting choices can become an extension of our personal style and can even set the tone of an entire room.


Sure, you can play it safe and just use traditional and boring lighting fixtures but where is the flair in that? Why not step outside of the cookie cutter world and bring some of today’s lighting trends to your own home. All you need is a vision, the perfect light fixture and the right electrician in your area to bring an entire room to life.


Matte black is one of the biggest style trends right now and can be paired with almost any furniture style in virtually every room of the home. A simple lamp in matte black can be a statement piece but an overhead fixture in black with a gold or bronze inner shade is stunning and dramatic. It is recommended that you have these types of projects installed by licensed and bonded electrical companies in your city for safety and peace of mind.


Gold, especially in abstract shapes is another trend that continues to shine. A few years ago gold made a comeback of sorts and then continued to remain popular. This year, you will find it in a number of different styles and shapes.


Another design element that draws on shapes for its impact is bent wood. Classic, elegant and understated, bent wood pairs well with more modern furniture to give the entire room a look of warmth and visual appeal that it might have been lacking.


An electrician in the business for a long time has always known this but people are suddenly seeing lighting as art for its own sake. Before, lighting was used to highlight art – upward facing lights focused on paintings, track lighting showed off crown molding but now the lights themselves are taking center stage. Since these pieces are so important it is vital to have them professionally installed by electrical companies in your town.


The right light will give your room flair. It speaks about what you expect of the room and sends a message of warmth and welcome to everyone who enters. Make sure that you are sending the right message without comprising safety and quality by having your beautiful choices installed by a professional electrical company like Father and Son Electrical Service Company.

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