Q: Why should a homeowner or business person always make sure they are dealing with a licensed and insured company or individual?

A: It is important for the safety of your family or business that you hire a licensed and insured company. An unlicensed company or individual has not completed the state required classes, job experience, and testing in order to hold a state contractor’s license. In most cases they are not insured, and you will not be covered by your homeowner’s or business insurance in the event of damage or death due to faulty workmanship, accidents, or fires. Though work performed by an unlicensed entity may cost less money upfront, in the long run you will be the one who pays if there is a problem.

To Protect Your Home or Business:

  • Ask to see their state license
  • Ask to see a certificate of insurance
  • Ask for a written warranty.
  • Ask for a written contract which includes the scope of work

Remember, these requests are your right under most state laws.

Q: In North and South Carolina, who is authorized to pull work permits?

A: Only state licensed contractors or a homeowner may pull a permit. Homeowners are only allowed to pull permits if they are performing the work themselves; if this is the case, they will need to have a licensed tradesmen sign an affidavit stating they are performing the work.

Q: Can a tradesmen use another person’s license to perform work?

A: No, that is against state law and false information. There are penalties to pay if this activity is discovered.

Q:Why is it important to inspect, test, and maintain my electrical equipment regularly?

A: While it is inevitable that electrical equipment will deteriorate over time, having it fail is not. By following a regular maintenance schedule, you will better be able to identify and fix small problems before they become big ones. It’s in your power to prevent a complete electrical malfunction.

Q: How much do you charge for an estimate?

A: Nothing; all of our residential and commercial clients can receive one free estimate for each of their separate electrical projects.

Q: Is there a warranty available for your work?

A: Yes. For new products, there is a manufacturer warranty. As to our work, that is covered by a one year warranty which covers both parts and labor. In addition, we also offer lifetime warranties on our work, but only for the original owner.

Q: Is the electrical equipment you sell refurbished?

A: Father and Son Electric Service Co., Inc. does not sell refurbished equipment. You can count on the fact that we only sell or install new electrical equipment.

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