Don’t wait ‘til the lights go out in a disaster to make a recovery plan

Don’t wait ‘til the lights go out in a disaster to make a recovery plan - electrician for a free quote

Don’t wait ‘til the lights go out in a disaster to make a recovery plan

There’s a company that tracks the number of power outages in the country every year.  It’s a power-management company called Eaton. One of the things they’re known for us their Blackout Tracker Annual Report*. The company’s report on 2017 show that power outages still have a tremendous impact on homes and businesses throughout the country.

Eaton’s Blackout Tracker Annual Report says that 36.7 million people were affected by 3,526 reported power outages last year. The number of people affected by blackouts more than doubled over the 2016 figures, which came in at 17.9 million.

It’s not surprising that so many people wound up in the dark during 2017. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2017 was the most expensive year on record for natural disasters in the country, with extreme weather events racking up a total of $306 billion in damages.

“A trio of major hurricanes, Harvey, Irma and Maria, contributed hundreds of billions to the total,” the New York Times reports. “But the year was seemingly mired in disaster, from a freeze in the Southeast that damaged fruit crops in March, to hail storms that whipped across Colorado, Oklahoma and other central states in May, to the tornadoes that struck the Midwest in June.”

“The Blackout Tracker Annual Report shows the scope and severity of power outages across the country, leading to widespread damage and significant consequences for business,” said Mike DeCamp, senior marketing communications manager, Eaton’s power quality division. “With the number of people affected by pervasive electrical power outages, surges and spikes continuing to rise each year, it’s more critical than ever to develop a disaster recovery plan with reliable power protection to avoid detrimental downtime.”

An emergency backup generator from Father and son electric service electricians in Charlotte could be an important part of your family’s disaster recovery plan. You may also want to consider whole house surge protection installed by some of the most trusted electricians in Charlotte NC.  Call 704-457-1577 and ask our electrician for a free quote.

Father and son electric service can also help commercial clients bounce back from natural disasters. Among the many commercial services offered by Father and son electric service, a well-respected electrical contractor in Charlotte NC, are:

  • Surge Protection & Grounding
  • Emergency Backup Generator Transfer Switches

With extreme weather and power outages becoming more frequent, having a disaster recovery plan is more important than ever. The Charlotte electricians at Father and son electric service can help you determine what plan of action will be best for you and your family or your business.

If a storm strikes our area and leaves you in need of a qualified electrician in Charlotte NC or an electrician in Matthews NC, your name may be one of many on a waiting list.  You’ll find yourself searching for a 24-hour electrician near me – but so will all your friends and neighbors.  Don’t wait for disaster to strike, call Father and son electric service electrician for a free quote today.

*Data was collected from all 50 states for the Blackout Tracker report. The Blackout Tracker gathers its data from news services, newspapers, websites, personal accounts and more. The report states that complete data is not always available for some outages, but the tracker aims to be as comprehensive as possible.

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