Emergency Power Solutions Available from Trusted Electrical Contractor in Charlotte NC

Emergency Power Solutions Available from Trusted Electrical Contractor in Charlotte NC - electrical contractors in Charlotte NC

Emergency Power Solutions Available from Trusted Electrical Contractor in Charlotte NC

If you’ve lived in Charlotte for a long time like we have (Father and Son Electric Service Co., among the leading electrical contractors in Charlotte NC, started taking care of customers more than 30 years ago.), you probably remember the day in 1989 when Hurricane Hugo came to town.

In 2014, on the 25 years after Hugo hit, the Charlotte Observer looked back at the rare Charlotte hurricane that made history.

“Pushed along by the clockwise circulation of a high-pressure system near Bermuda and the counterclockwise flow of low pressure in the Mississippi Valley, Hurricane Hugo rushed inland after making landfall north of Charleston with 138 mph sustained winds. People huddled in shelters along the coast had to climb to the rafters to avoid drowning in a 20-foot storm surge,” they reported.

Neil Dixon, who had been a young teen in Lugoff, S.C. when the storm hit, recalled the night when the “brutal wind gusts” arrived for the Observer. “There was a roaring sound, and you could hear trees snapping everywhere,” he told the paper, which reported that the experience made such an impact on him that he decided to become a meteorologist.

The Charlotte Observer continued its look back at the killer storm, saying:

“Hugo moved inexorably to the northwest. It pounded the South Carolina cities of Sumter, Camden and then Lancaster. By 3 a.m., it was Charlotte’s turn.

“Across a city so proud of its treeline, the relentless winds toppled giant oaks, pines and everything else. Transformers exploded, and the power went out in neighborhood after neighborhood. Trees crashed on houses, killing a child in what is now Weddington in Union County. A motorcyclist was blown off the road and killed south of Monroe.”

If you weren’t there it may be hard to picture the scene.  And fortunately, we haven’t had a repeat. As those who live along the coast know, however, it’s always best to be prepared. Especially these days when hurricanes seem to be growing every stronger and ever bigger (like Hurricane Irma which battered the entire state of Florida last year before pushing north into Georgia as a tropical storm.)

Hurricane Hugo left almost 700,000 Duke Energy customers in and around Charlotte without power. “It would be three weeks before the last repairs were made,” the Observer reported.

Folks who live in areas where the hurricane risk is greater than the threat we live with know the value of having a generator that can power essential appliances – like your refrigerator and freezer or medical equipment – in the event of a prolonged power outage.

Charlotte electricians at Father and Son are proud to serve as an

authorized Briggs & Stratton Generator Dealers. 

If you’re looking for an electrician in Charlotte who can assist you with information and installation of a cost-effective natural gas and propane generator, we hope you will call on us. Hurricanes aren’t the only things that can knock out your power and these days, we have become so reliant on technology for our health, security and comfort, that being in the dark is even more frightening.  We are proud that Father and Son has earned a reputation as Charlotte electricians willing to go the extra mile to assist homeowners and businesses in North and South Carolina with emergency power solutions.

The Observer recounted what conditions were like following the storm:

“Countless roads were blocked by trees, and area residents didn’t wait for government agencies. They grabbed chain saws and began clearing roads, driveways and yards.

“They cooked food from their refrigerators and freezers on charcoal grills, to prevent it from spoiling. They hauled pieces of trees into the street and waited for trucks to pick them up – a task that wasn’t completed until early November in some places. And they waited for the power to come on.”

Like so many families in Charlotte, we were busy in the hours leading up to the storm, helping friends and neighbors prepare for the onslaught of the storm. As licensed electrical contractors in Charlotte NC, we were even busier in the hours leading up to the storm and in the long days and weeks following the devastating winds.

We hope we never have to experience another hurricane. But if we do, our electricians in Charlotte NC and our electricians in Matthews NC will be ready to respond to your emergency needs.

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