More electrifying quotes

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More electrifying quotes

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We found a great quote from Joyce Rachelle, author of The Language of Angels, on She said, “I take the precaution of wearing proper, decent clothes when changing a light bulb in case I get zapped and die.”

We think what she’s trying to say is that it’s always best to be prepared. But before we share some more of the quotations we found on, we want to say that if you use the services of a reputable electrician in Charlotte or a highly recommended electrician in Matthews NC, you won’t have to worry about getting “zapped” when you change a lightbulb.  Improper electrical wiring is no laughing matter.  That’s why you should always deal with a licensed electrical contractor in Charlotte NC.

This next quote is from Jane Brox, who wrote Brilliant: The Evolution of Artificial Light. It sheds light (get it?!) on the importance of electricity in our lives. “Time and task were both disorienting, for if you were to remove everything from our lives that depends on electricity to function, homes and offices would become no more than the chambers and passages of limestone caves- simple shelter from wind and rain, far less useful than the first homes at Plymouth Plantation or a wigwam. No way to keep out cold, or heat, for long. No way to preserve food, or to cook it. The things that define us, quiet as rock outcrops – the dumb screens and dials, the senseless clicks of on/off switches- without their purpose, they lose the measure of their beauty and we are left alone in the dark with countless useless things.”

In other words, you don’t want to take chances when it comes to the reliable flow of electricity to your home or business.  If the ever-increasing number of devices that need to be plugged in has maxed out your current service, it may be time to think about an electrical panel upgrade. Finding an electrician with free quotes, isn’t enough. Make sure you also take other things into account, like experience and reviews. With Charlotte NC electricians Father and son electric service, you will be dealing with electricians in Charlotte NC and the surrounding areas who have more than 35 years of experience

Now, here are some more memorable lines relating to electricity from the good folks at

  • “Soon now, the faint tinkling of a broken filament will become another sound of another century.”
    ― Jane BroxBrilliant: The Evolution of Artificial Light
  • (She’s right about that! Father and son electric service can help you make sure your commercial or residential property is taking advantage of all the latest technology and lighting designs.)

  • (This quote is from the guy who wrote Dracula!) “There are things done today in electrical science which would have been deemed unholy by the very man who discovered electricity, who would themselves not so long before been burned as wizards.”
    ― Bram Stoker
  • bram stoker

  • “I had enough electricity in my booty to jump-start the whole of New York City.”
    ― Colum McCannLet the Great World Spin
  • colum mccann

    (That really makes you want to pick up the book, doesn’t it?!)

    ― Genereux Philip

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