The Royal Treatment

The Royal Treatment Charlotte electrician

The Royal Treatment

Charlotte electrician Father and son electric service knows a lot about customer service (and a little about history!)

Father and son electric service Electric Company in Charlotte NC is truly a family enterprise. What has become one of the leading electrical contractors in Charlotte NC and the surrounding areas, started in our family’s basement more than 35 years ago.

A lot of other businesses have come and gone during those 30-plus years.  What’s our secret?

Whether it’s a neighbor looking for an electrician in Matthews NC, a business in Fort Mill in need of an electrical panel upgrade or a developer interested in finding an electrical contractor in Charlotte NC that can handle the latest in lighting design and smart home wiring, at Father and son electric service, we will treat each customer as if they were royalty. 

That means we provide the very best service possible to all of our customers.  We wanted to be clear because, it turns out that royalty doesn’t always get treated with kid gloves.

ABC News reported on famous beheadings, many of which involved European kings and queens. The British royalty seems particularly prone to losing their heads. Henry VIII (1491 – 1547) went through six wives. “When Bluff King Hal tired of wife No. 2, Anne Boleyn, he sent her to the Tower of London and on trumped-up charges of treason and adultery,” ABC News says. “Anne, who had no illusions as to what came next, valiantly joked that she would be easy work for the headsman, having but ‘a little neck.’ An expert swordsman was imported from France in order to spare the disgraced queen from the clumsy ax strokes of the usual executioner.”  How thoughtful.

“A few years later, in 1542, Henry’s fifth marriage ended when he signed the execution warrant for his young bride, Katherine Howard,” ABC News continues. “Katherine was afraid she’d do the wrong thing on the scaffold, so she asked her jailers to bring her a block so that she could practice laying her head on it.”

Mary, Queen of Scots (1542-1587), a Catholic and one-time Queen of France who posed a serious and ongoing threat to Elizabeth I, a Protestant, was beheaded after several husbands and years of imprisonment. tells us about Britain’s King Charles I, who was beheaded for treason on January 30, 1649. “Charles ascended to the English throne in 1625 following the death of his father, King James I. In the first year of his reign, Charles offended his Protestant subjects by marrying Henrietta Maria, a Catholic French princess. He later responded to political opposition to his rule by dissolving Parliament on several occasions and in 1629 decided to rule entirely without Parliament. In 1642, the bitter struggle between king and Parliament for supremacy led to the outbreak of the first English civil war.”

Cromwell defeated the king’s forces, leading to the King’s execution, and even went so far as to abolish the monarchy.  He died in 1658, but that’s not the end of his story. The monarchy was restored and Charles II, the son of Charles I, was crowned king. “Oliver Cromwell was posthumously convicted of treason, and his body was disinterred from its tomb in Westminster Abbey and hanged from the gallows at Tyburn.”

There are many more, including Marie Antoinette of France – and the countless other members of the French aristocracy who perished during the French Revolution.  When you start looking into it, you’ll find palace intrigue and power struggles find their way into the history pages century after century.

At Charlotte NC electrician Father and son electric service Electrical Company, we assure you we will treat you like the other kings and queens, the ones who lived out their lives surrounded by servants and others wishing to do their bidding.  When we come to your home or business, we promise to treat it as if it were our own. After our work is done, you won’t even be able to tell we were there. There won’t be a mess for you to clean up. And, if you’ve ever done an online search for a “24-hour electrician near me,” you’ll be happy to know that we’re available to help you at any time, with our emergency service. Just give us a call and we’re available to answer our phones, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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